Selasa, 05 Maret 2013


      If I have to choose ten of my favorite musicians, John Mayer will be definitely included in it. Like most of all girls throughout the world who admire him, I am maybe bewitched by his charm and incredible music skill. I admit that most girls are easily attracted by guys who are able to play music instruments, mostly guitars. But most of all, his songs have quality that capture the entire consciousness of mine. Nearly often I find myself relaxed or mad or in love while listening to his songs. There are lots of his songs which are able to make me behave as such, but among all of them, there are several that I will be called as the arresting ones. These choices are really personal, so subjectivity plays an important part here. Nothing to do with musical quality or technique analysis because I am not an expert in music. I will be sincerely grateful being called as merely a fan of him. And here are some of them as listed randomly:

1. Gravity (Continuum, 2006)
Too often we are beaten by reality and burdened by a number of problems. Gravity is a good metaphor to convey an understanding that as human beings, often we do not have the capability to lift up the burden and feel free from the problems. The song asks us to enjoy the process of making an effort to free from the burden and continuing to look for the way out. There is always light nearby that guides us. His guitar rhythm and melody are quite soothing.

2. Stop This Train (Continuum, 2006)
I play the song quite often. Mostly when I am questioning many things about life. You must be often having that kind of feeling when you wish that time what would it become when time machine existed. The song makes me realize that turning back time is the silliest thing human beings can think of because our life is like the journey of a train. We cannot ask the train to stop at anytime and let us turn back just to see the scenery that we have passed. The only thing we can do is remain with what is still left and make the best of it until we reach the last destination. It is kind of sad when you listen to this song when you are deeply down but at the same time it also neutralizes your sadness and despondency. You still have time to make everything better. And most of all, this song never once blames us for what we have been through.

3. Your Body Is a Wonderland (Room for Squares, 2001)
I have no idea how he is so witty to describe love-making in well-chosen and classy diction. He uses some metaphors to illustrate his lover’s beauty when they’re both having sex. It doesn't make this song sound vulgar at all. On the other hand, the song is clearly a masterpiece that brought him his first Grammy in 2003. As a woman, I fell touched and special each time I listen to this one. Also, the acoustic throughout the song is simply relaxing.

4. Why Georgia (Room for Squares, 2001)
I heard that Georgia is the state from where he started his career. I can tell how well he remembers every inch of his life in the state just by listening to this one. He portrays it in the lyrics and makes the listeners feel the early step that he took to pursue his dream. He brings them to walk with him and told when he would jump, leap, or just walk coolly. The acoustic in the beginning of the song is captivating.

5. St. Patrick’s Day (Room for Squares, 2001)
The song conveys a message that separation is a possibility in relationship. While realizing that the fact is there, what lovers should do is enjoy the togetherness up to the last moment. John Mayer tells the journey of lovers from the very first time they meet, relish the process of getting to know each other, enjoy every celebration in every month, and wait for the worst possibility that might happen in St. Patrick’s Day. They do not mind if it finally happens. It tells how lovers should be grown-ups in reacting upon separation.

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